Vision – Mission – Core Values

Without customers, Hong Thien My would not exist.

Without happy customers, Hong Thien My would be unrestful

If customers couldn’t finish their work, Hong Thien My wouldn’t fulfil its responsibilities.

Those are what we constantly keep in our minds and hearts every single day. And because of this, we build our core values on what may bring the best benefits to our customers, since we keep pursuing the ultimate mission to become “The Best Assistant of Medical Assay, helping people overcome diseases.”


+ Without your cooperation and support, such a great mission would be forever an unrealistic desire of our own.

+ It’s your trust and love that strengthen our hope, strength and enthusiasm to keep walking on our journey of serving people.

+ With you as our close companions, we have chances to make greater contributions to life in general and to medical assay in particular.

We always keep in mind that we must cling on to and live to the fullest the core values we have chosen. Therefore, this is a promise, a commitment from the whole staff and employees of Hong Thien My: we choose to live with all our hearts and minds the spirit of serving customers, and constantly find ways to increase values.

We hope to always receive your trust and support in our next steps.

Best regards,

Hong Thien My CEO

Dr. To Anh Loan